FIFA 2009 Game for Nokia N-Gage

Lately I have been really busy with overhauling this blog with some WEB 2.0 colors. I am completely redoing my logo and the entire template! In the meantime all you Nokia mobile freaks will be able to enjoy a game I am about to publish for you today. Yes, at last the long awaited FIFA 2009 hits the Nokia N-Gage 2.0 smartphones screen and boy oh boy
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Nokia symbian based N-Gage 2.0 platform focused games always have something which the other stock symbian S60 (Series 60) OS 9.1 or 9.2 mobile phones cannot offer. Detailed long gameplay, quality graphic renders and environmentally variant audio effects denote what Nokia N-Gage is all about, its capability and power! We have already published and reviewed several Nokia Ngage games in the past and got some positive response from all of you. Now with FIFA 2009 we are looking forward for you to share your experiences and feedback so that we can know which kind of games you like the best.

FIFA 2009 for Ngage 2.0 mobile phones is not just your usual football or soccer game which you might have played in the past on your device but the N-gage version of FIFA promises to be a real bomb! Why? Even though the overall change in terms of gameplay is about the same and all the teams, players and their stats are dependent on you (just like FIFA for N-Gage 2008 version) but there is a major change in the way you control your player in 2009. N-Gage fans like me for example love intuitive yet easy controls and that’s what FIFA 2009 is all about. The only buttons you have to use in the entire game from making major changes to your starting 11 to simply taking a lob is now controlled entirely by two buttons. In the past versions of FIFA for N-GAGE gaming mobile devices featured several combination of number pads which did give you more features but made it complicated for a major market.
FIFA 2009 Game for Nokia N-Gage
However, this new controls in FIFA 2009 is not for everyone and many will criticize the fact that Nokia Ngage made it really “simple”. Contrary to what they might think please let me assure you that all the features that were previously available in the last year’s version is also available in this one. This 2009 version for Ngage is controlled by several combination of those two number keys and it is something that good, football savvy players will absolutely love. The game is also packed with all the latest transfers, teams and leagues that are in the mainstream arcade football scene and you will love it if you are Football fan and have a Ngage based Nokia 3rd edition Series 60 cell phone. The computer computations for competitiveness have vastly increased and each team, whichever your favorite is, will have a hard time in the beginning because the Computer is just that good!!!

Pure competition my friend is what makes this year’s N-Gage different! The superb fluid gameplay and intelligent, efficient and hardcore =-opponents makes it one of the best Ngage game in the market specially for football or arcade based Nokia N-Series and E-Series gaming. Overall the 3D sound and audio effects are quite upto the mark as usual and the gameplay is quite detailed, like I said before. Just check out the screenshots taken from a Nokia cell phone and you will know what I mean when I say it is up to the standard!



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